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Our Network
LiteServers owns and operates it's own network under “AS60404”.
The network of LiteServer has been built for performance and uptime. Cisco and Juniper are our partners for providing quality connectivity to all our customers.
We use Juniper M320 core routers on the Edge of our network, together with Cisco 6509-E routers in our local distribution core. We have plenty of upgrade capacity available which makes our network scalable at any time.
We have our own dark fibers between the Global Switch (Amsterdam) and Serverius DC1 (Dronten) datacenters, and are using DWDM (MRV) optical equipment to increase the capacity of all our transport fibers between these locations.
The total fiber distance between these 2 datacenter locations is about 75KM / 47 Miles.
We have a huge mix of quality transit and peering carriers, which our key for providing optimal latency and connectivity to any location on the world.

All our racks have at least 20Gbps of redundant capacity to our distribution core.

Capacity increasement on each fiber
By using DWDM (Wavelength multplexing) optical equipment from MRV we can increase capacity per fiber which makes our network even more scalable.
With our current setup we can use up to 32 channels per fiber, which makes 320Gbps capacity when using 10Gbps connections and even 1.28Tbps when using 40Gbps connections .

Network info and peering
More information about our network, including private/public peering can be found on our NOC and PeeringDB.

Connected carriers

Connected Carriers

We have the shortest and fastest routes to all carriers mentioned below. 

Atrato / Hebernia 2x 10Gbps
AMS-IX 4x 10Gbps
DE-CIX 1x 1Gbps
Cogent 2x 10Gbps
GlobalCrossing 1x 10Gbps
GN-IX 1x 1Gbps
Hurricane Electric 1x 10Gbps
KPN 2x 10Gbps
Level3 2x 10Gbps
NDIX 1x 10Gbps
nLayer 1x 10Gbps
NL-IX 2x 10Gbps
OpenPeering 2x 10Gbps
PCCW Global 1x 10Gbps
RETN 3x 10Gbps
Seabone (Sparkle Telecom Italia) 1x 10Gbps
TATA Communications 2x 10Gbps
Tinet 3x 10Gbps

Point of Presence (POPs)